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Jewellery Summer Trends 2019: Trends You Can’t Ignore

Jewellery is everyone’s favourite as it’s an easy way to instantly upgrade your look or set the mood for the evening. It’s the middle of summer already, and in this article I will review latest jewellery trends.

We have rounded up top five jewellery summer trends that you simply can’t ignore. Keep reading to find what is trendy now, and how to wear your it properly.

Every season the fashion trends are ever changing and so does the jewellery. This summer, nostalgia is THE keyword – starting from childhood inspired favorites – friendship bracelets adorned with summer accents (seashells and pearls) to the chunky necklaces and rings (straight from 90s magazine covers) and ancient coin jewellery.

AnnaJewelBox Summer Trend Anklet

Seashells and natural pearls:

Dust off boxes full of your childhood memories – you might find some inspiration there! This year all high jewellery designers and trend setters like Missoni, Etro, Prabal Gurung and Dolce and Gabbana all introduced throwback jewellery inspired collections. Seashells, and natural pearls jewellery are really trending now. Pearl earrings, shell necklace or lovely anklets, you name it,  adorned with colorful beads, mismatched pearls, diamanté-dotted shells, and beachy charms, will enhance your poolside sunbathing outfit, or make your evening dress extra trendy. Even if you are not in vacation-mode, this looks are perfect for hot summer in the city. 

We are really thankful to them for bringing back this trend because it full of beachy vibes and delicate summer glow, but don’t wait, get them now, them now before they’re gone.

Fruits and Rainbows:

Less sophisticated than one above, but still very fun trend. Remember party-bag blings ? It’s time to put it on again! When we were kids, we used to wear colourful jewellery adorned with cherries, strawberries and full of that lovely naive charm. It’s trendy again, and fruits and rainbows are not limited to young girls anymore. Show off your funky style by wearing colourful jewellery this summer. 

AnnaJewelBox Summer Trends Fruits and Rainbows Jewellery
AnnaJewelBox 90’s style chunky summer jewellery

90’s style chunky summer jewellery:

If you have observed the models on fashion runways of Spring and Summer 2019 then you would have seen them wearing chunky gold chains or rings also. The 90’s style is back, and everyone is loving it. 

You can borrow big and bold inspirations – chunky gold chains and rings from 90s pop icons – Salt’n’Pepa, Tupac and many others. We’re talking about upgraded versions here of course. Gold chains, bracelets and rings – in moderation can add a strong accents to your style. Just remember – don’t overdo it.

Antique coin medallions:

Aah, Rome – what a delight for the eye, city full of colours and culture! Who wouldn’t want to stay there for a bit longer, or, at least, bring some of it’s soft glow and history back home ? This year, you’re in luck. Antique coin jewellery is making headlines and we are not even surprised. Whether it’s delicate hoop adorned with shiny coin or simple gold chain medallion, this trend offers an antique vibe that feels surprisingly modern and stylish. And as usual, you can take the more-is-more approach: stacking, layering, and even mixing it with other trends works very well.

AnnaJewelBox Antique coin medallions jewellery
AnnaJewelBox Multi layered Necklaces

Multi layered Necklaces: 

More-is-more approach in its essence. Why stick to one necklace only when you can wear multiple ones? Mix and match, create and make your style unique! Wear a pair of short-chain gold necklaces of different sizes and shapes –  summer party, office, or a romantic dinner under the stars – this trend fits in every situation and with every outfit. The key is not to go overboard with layering necklaces, trust your feeling of style and moderation to achieve trendy and chic style .


So go on – experiment, show world your style, if you stick to our little guide, world will smile in return !

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